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Love your environment, nurture it, it was here long before we were and will be long after we are gone. 

It is not ours to keep, or destroy.

We are only visitors privileged to see and sense all around us. Take time to look... really look around you, hear and feel and sense the wonder that it the universe and the very teeny tiny part of it that we are.

It is this awareness that enlightens, that feeds our soul, be grateful always because our universe provides a richness that no materialism can ever provide.

Watercolor Butterfly 14

During the coronavirus outbreak I think those of us who were able to get out for our daily excercise or potter in our gardens were lucky to have heightened enlightenment of the wonders of watching nature like we never have before. To realise just the extent of the damage mankind has selfishly inflicted on the very thing that looks after us. 

May 2020 I felt the richest I had ever been. Not in the monetary sense. I had zero income. Rich in the wonders of nature. Watching the red tailed bumble bees busy on their pollen trail. Teeny micro creatures munching away on decay in the compost heap all continuing when we had come to a standstill.

I created a series of works that was totally inspired by the natural world.

The original have nearly all been sold and proceeds have gone to Moorlands Climate Action groups locally. As from August 2021 Prints and cards are now available that tell the story of the earths plight and our hope for the future of our grandchildren and their children and raise funds and awareness. to buy please click here

you can contact MCA via

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