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New Beginings

Changes have been huge this last 6 weeks after giving my notice to leave the Shed at the Bookstore. I can't deny it has been a very difficult couple of years.

So I thought I would try to work from home. I retired from the framing side of things last Autumn after all jumping up and down on a manual Morso moulding machine and handling 4ft sheets of glass around as a 60 year old 5ft midget with a back problem was getting too much.













Time to pursue my art further and workshops etc Then I came across a lovely little unit in Hartington that would make a smart little studio and gallery space for me.

Excited and enthusiastic again.

So Packing up my belongings and selling the tools of my trade has taken its toll and in between premises ( as Covid has hit the plasterers so the new building is running behind.) I find myself with a heart problem. Not of the relationship kind but of the beating variety and I have had to slow completely down stop mauling boxes and consider my future.? Quite scary! Having limited moments of wellness I thought I could catch up on the admin side of things.

Hence the website update.

So it seems I'm to sit and wait for medical intervention and wonder what will happen to the little gallery in Hartington that its also sitting waiting?

Watch this space

Gallery in a shed

Colours used are Daniel Smith ,Greens and Derwent Inktense watercolours


From Jacksons art supplies see link below

Jadeite Genuine is a deep, dark-green that can be softened to the palest jade wash with the addition of water. This product is made using jadeite variety of jade as opposed to the nephrite form.

  • Finest and most complete line of watercolour paint

  • Excellent lightfastness along with the finest quality pigments

  • Formulated to meet and exceed the highest industry standards

  • Every batch made is tested and analysed for its performance qualities

  • PrimaTek Watercolours are made from ground minerals that are often semi precious

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